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Deworming Services for Pets

Keep your pet free of worms with year-round deworming medication.

Most people only consider deworming when they have puppies or kittens. Deworming is necessary throughout your pet's entire life. At any age worms can result in serious health issues for your loyal companion, and to add to this, many intestinal worms can be passed on to humans. Our team can get your cat or dog on a deworming schedule to ensure they are protected throughout the year.

How often should cats and dogs be dewormed?

The first few months of your pet's life is critical and they should be dewormed regularly especially during this stage. As early as 2-weeks-old, puppies and kittens should have their first deworming medicine. The medication should be given every two weeks until they reach 3-months-old. Deworming should be performed at different times throughout the year for adult cats and dogs. Your veterinarian will determine how often your feline or canine companion needs deworming as some pets are more susceptible than others. Cats are dewormed at least twice each year and dogs every 3 months.

What are signs that my pet has worms?

Internal parasites have various symptoms determined by the duration of the infection. Below are some signs to keep in mind:

  1. Stomach bloating
  2. Abdomen pain
  3. Loss of appetite
  4. Weight loss
  5. Bloody or soft stool
  6. Visible worms in their stool
  7. Fatigue
  8. Dragging their behinds

Our team will perform diagnostic tests to determine which parasite your cat or dog may have. Most worms can be detected with a stool sample testing. Heartworms are detected through blood tests and other worms like tapeworms can be seen with the naked eye. To book an appointment for your pet, please call us at 705-431-5570.

How do cats and dogs contract worms?

Some ways your pet can get a parasitic infection include:

  • Eating feces
  • By ingesting parasite eggs
  • From eating an infected animal
  • Nursing from their mother
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