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Microchipping for Pets

Giving cats and dogs a permanent form of identification superior to tags and collars.

Microchipping is a common procedure performed on cats and dogs. This is done to ensure that a lost pet will be reunited with their owner should they ever get lost. Microchips are small computer chips that are the size of one rice grain. We offer microchipping at our hospital because we've seen how effective they are in keeping our patients safe.

Are microchips safe?

Yes. There are no side effects for pets who have the chip since it is extremely small and made from safe materials. It also won't require any long-term upkeep

Does implanting a microchip hurt?

Due to its size the chip is inserted with a hypodermic needle and will feel like a routine injection. The patient won't need any anesthesia or sedation as it will be over within seconds. The procedure can be performed during one of your pet's routine veterinary visits. To learn more about microchipping your cat or dog reach out to us at 705-431-5570.

How will I be reunited with my pet?

All microchips have a unique ID number which can be identified with a special barcode scanner. When your lost cat or dog is found they are usually brought to a veterinary office or humane shelter where they will check for a microchip. Once the chip is located the veterinarian will contact the microchip company it's registered with to retrieve the pet owner's information. From there you will be contacted and reunited with your loyal companion. You should always update your information with the microchip company if your contact details change (our team can help you do this).

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