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Spaying and Neutering for Pets

Surgical procedures that prevent reproduction, undesired behaviour, and illnesses in cats and dogs.

Spay and neutering are surgical procedures that are performed on cats and dogs. During spay surgery, the female's ovaries and uterus are removed and during a neuter surgery, the male's testicles are removed. As with any other surgery our team uses general anesthesia to keep the pet comfortable and prevent them from feeling pain. To schedule a spay or neuter surgery for your pet, please call us at 705-431-5570.

Why should my pet be spayed?

This surgery is a good fit for female dogs and cats for the following reasons:

  • No unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevents them from developing ovarian cancer
  • Prevents mammary tumours
  • Reduced bacterial infections
  • Increased lifespan

What are the benefits of neutering my cat or dog?

During heat, male cats and dogs tend to be more territorial; this will cause them to be aggressive and spray furniture. Once they are neutered, these behaviours are eliminated. Neutering will also stop male pets from roaming to find a mate and humping humans or objects. Additionally, neuter surgery can prevent cats and dogs from developing testicular and prostate cancers. This surgery is recommended when they are around 6-months-old, but they can also have the procedure at a later age provided they are healthy.


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