Enjoying The Warmer Weather?

We are too!

Unfortunately, the warmer weather also brings some hazards for our pets.

Please remember that if it's too hot for you outside, it is definitely too hot for your pets! If you're going for a long hike or car ride remember to take water for you and your pets. Try to take your long walks before 10am or after 4pm so it is during the cooler parts of the day. Pets can get sunburns and heatstroke as well! If you wouldn't leave your kids in the car, don't leave your pet in there, even with the windows open!

If you see a pet in a car unattended in the heat, please call the OSPCA at 310-SPCA (7722) 24/7 or 911.

If you haven't picked up your flea/tick and heartworm prevention yet, be sure to soon! We recommend starting your heartworm prevention June 1st and flea and tick meds in the spring.

Keep in mind that mouse, ant, and other pest baits can be very dangerous for your pets. Be sure to keep them out of reach. Fertilizers and certain plants are toxic to your pets as well, be sure to check what is in reach of your pets this summer in the garage and yard.

We hope all of our pets and clients have a great and safe summer! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your pet's safety this summer, please call us at 705-431-5570.