Homemade and Raw Diets

Many pet owners out there today are turning to homemade and raw diets in the hopes that it will be healthier for their pets. These diets can be good in certain situations if the time is taken to research their pet’s specific nutritional needs and they take into account, its species, breed, age and health status.

The pros of a homemade diet are:

It is highly digestible as the ingredients are fresh.
It can be adapted to specific health condition requirements.
It has a high water content.

The cons of a homemade diet are:

✘ Time consuming to make.
✘ Difficult to balance all nutrients and therefore requires supplementation.
✘ More expensive then commercially prepared diets.

Please note that we do NOT recommend raw diets as research shows there is significant risk, to not only the pet but also to the people preparing the meal and others in the household. Contamination with E-Coli or Salmonella is a real threat to the health of your family and your pet.

Keep in mind that any diet, whether it is commercially prepared or homemade needs to take in account any diagnosed conditions your pet may have. This will make a big impact on your choices. If you have a pet with a diagnosed illness, please speak to your veterinarian regarding the proper diet for him or her.

If you are interested in making your dogs food at home, please feel free to contact us for recipes and information about nutritional supplements that are required to help make it balanced for your pet! We will be more than happy to help you!