Thanksgiving Holiday Hazards

Most people enjoy feasts this time of year, some with yummy turkey. Turkey and the skin can lead to gastrointestinal upsets and pancreatitis. The carcass/bones, string etc. can become stuck in the stomach or intestines and cause blockages requiring surgery. Yeast dough can cause gas/bloating and be lead to very serious problems. Deserts with chocolate or xylitol (found in gum and as a sugar replacement in candy) can be poisonous also. Be sure to keep all food/garbage’s away from pets during meal time!

Plants and decorations are also dangerous to pets. Amaryllis, some Ferns, Baby’s Breath, Hydrangeas, Sweet William and more can cause gastrointestinal upset or worse. Decorations are attractive to pets and may also lead to injury or blockage. Every attempt should be made to keep these items out of reach of our pets.

Visitors can be very stressful for some pets. If you know your pet tends to get upset or hides when people come to visit, it is really important during the holidays to give your pets a quiet area in the house to hang out until your guests leave. Be sure to make the area as comfortable as possible with comfort items such as blankets or toys, appropriate food and water.  Cats will need a litter box as well.

If your travelling this holiday weekend, be sure to have the proper paperwork in advance (for example, rabies certificate for crossing the border into the USA). If you are travelling overseas, be sure to contact the airline for more information regarding what is required when travelling with your pets.

If you pet gets motion sickness or is stressed while travelling, contact the clinic at 705-431-5570 and our doctors can give advise regarding anti-nauseous medication or sedatives.